The Wholesale division of the Hungarian headquarters of MET Central Europe is building bridges across the trading and sales competencies and the Central Eastern and Western European markets via cross border business activities. MET Central Europe is continuously developing advanced market solutions and creating new business opportunities by connecting the energy regions where our company is active.

Our business partners rely on our expert team to provide innovative services on these fields:

Natural gas market:

  • Portfolio optimization and flexibility solutions

  • Virtual storage services

  • Natural gas logistic services

  • Managing transit routes and cross border capacities

  • Risk and financial position management

Power market:

  • Traditional Trading Floor and Risk Management products and services

  • Tailor-made IT platfrom and portfolio development

  • Interruptible power offtake and delivery

  • Sales and purchase contracts with prolongation options

  • Trading physical location and time swaps for regional electricity markets

  • Furthermore providing power capacities for system operators and OTC partners in the secondary market

MET Central Europe opens new business opportunities in the global world of energy for your company too!

Partnership and dialogues – these are the key components of the future cooperation between customers and traders in the world of energy which is going through a fundamental transformation.

Presenting our energy products and services driven by innovative mind set and composed for our clients’ needs is only the first step in the forward-thinking projects we are engaged with our long term partners.

We rely on:

  • The more than 10 years of industry experience and energy expertise ont he field of retail business in the Central and Eastern European region,

  • The strength and financial stability of our Swiss-based group being present in 14 countries all over Europe,

  • Significant multi-commodity business presence: wholesale, trading, sales as well as natural gas based and renewable power generation, moreover a dynamically growing LNG business activity.

MET Central Europe has more than 4000 business partners representing all segments of the Hungarian competitive market:

  • Large industrial users

  • State-owned institutions

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises

Ensuring a safe yet competitive and predictable way of energy supply designed for the companies’ needs is one of the most important milestones on the way to create business solutions securing the sustainable and successful operation of the enterprises we are thinking and working together with.

We are here to start the conversation about the energy questions of your company, please turn to one of our energy experts:

Our team of outstanding experts are striving to bring thorough and forward-thinking projects to guide our business partners all the way of becoming more efficient in the field of energy consumption.

We are deeply committed to take a leading part in programs changing the energy mind set and implementing complex engineering solutions to:

  • Establish more efficient process for energy consumption,

  • Increase energy-saving,

  • Respect to environmental protection and aiming to create sustainable answers.

Our services tailor-made for our partners highly contribute to their:

  • More efficient consumption of the energy being essential to their operation,

  • Cost optimization and reducing business risks,

  • Strengthening their competitiveness.

MET Central Europe offers global energy efficiency services for the large industrial users as well as for small and medium enterprises from the phase of energy review and energy audit and even through the overall project management of efficiency investments.