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You have to make it work and you have to pay attention to details – this is one of the lessons that Francesco Colombo learnt at MET Group. He explains why the company is demanding whilst remaining fun and dynamic at the same time.
HR news
Young employees from the Talent Development Programme become CEOs, colleagues have the freedom to create and then carry out the strategy in their fields. Swiss-headquartered energy company MET Group has based its growth story on the expertise of its workforce – on International HR Day, let’s check how it works in practice.
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Swiss-based energy company MET Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Clive Turton as the new Executive Chairman of its Green Assets Division. With over 20 years of international experience in the power and renewables industry, he will support MET’s renewables expansion strategy.
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Giuseppe Rebuzzini: “We start with a 5 million-euro investment and an initial target of 20-25 communities, ready to increase the effort tenfold. The competition with Legambiente? A prize for courageous developers in a complex system.”
Media Coverage (EN)
The Swiss company MET has been active in Germany for a good three years through its subsidiary MET Germany. The launch was successful and the company wants to continue to grow, emphasises CEO Jörg Selbach-Röntgen in an interview with energate. Although organic growth has priority, acquisitions have not been ruled out.
Media Coverage (DE)
Seit gut drei Jahren ist die Schweizer MET in Deutschland mit der Tochter MET Germany aktiv. Der Start sei erfolgreich verlaufen und das Unternehmen will weiter wachsen, betont CEO Jörg Selbach-Röntgen im Gespräch mit energate. Zwar habe das organische Wachstum Vorrang, aber Zukäufe sind auch nicht ausgeschlossen.
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The bloc has avoided an energy crisis, but the short-term solutions could harm competitiveness and the green transition down the line.


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