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As part of its continuing expansion, Swiss-based energy company MET Group opens its office in the Republic of Singapore. MET Asia Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary owned 90% by MET Group and 10% by Keppel, will expand MET’s business reach to the region, focusing on making the Group’s LNG portfolio truly global and expanding its asset base in the Asia-Pacific.
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MET Group is an energy trading company that also owns assets in order to manage volatility as well as supply and demand. REM talked to MET Group's Head of Meteorology, Vasilis Pappas to discuss the impact of weather on renewable energy plants.
HR news
One of the main goals of the recently launched MET Alumni Club is to maintain strong relationships with departed talents, who we believe can serve as ambassadors of MET.
Articles (EN)
MET wants to build up a portfolio with an installed capacity of 2 GW by 2026. The company buys its assets all over Europe.
Hungary’s largest gas-fired power station, the Dunamenti Power Plant, celebrates its 60th anniversary. Dunamenti, majority owned by MET Group since 2014, is a symbolic company in the town of Százhalombatta, some 30 kilometres from Budapest.
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Bis 2026 will MET ein Portfolio mit einer installierten Leistung von 2 GW aufbauen. Seine Assets kauft das Unternehmen in ganz Europa.
Press releases
Swiss-based renewable energy investment platform Keppel MET Renewables acquires a 100% stake in a solar development project in Apulia, Italy.


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